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About English with Nassrin

Throughout my career as an English teacher and educator with an extra focus on teaching English to speakers of other languages, I have learned , developed and  become more passionate about the teaching profession. In this site, you will find resources for both learners and teachers.

English language Learners ( basic- intermediate-advanced ) will be able to download different worksheets, watch and listen to video lessons related to the different language skills (Listening, reading, writing, speaking). Learners will be able to improve their  English  through actively engaging in games, interactive videos, Youtube videos and more. 

Teachers will be able to watch short professional development videos about teaching English. In addition , they will have the opportunity to download materials for their classrooms and learn more about adapting ICT tools into the English Classroom.

Does this all sound like FUN! I hope you find this site useful and most importantly an enjoyable reference for learning & teaching English.  

Teachers make miracles happen, 

Nassrin  Rabi

About the Website Manager 
Nassrin Rabi

Nassrin Rabi is an experienced English language teacher of both primary and intermediate levels. She finished her B.Ed. in English Education( excellence program), and later perused a  master's degree in Literature and American studies. In addition, She has completed a CELTA teacher training course. Rabi has also been working as a lecturer at Professional development Centers and delivered a range of in-service courses that promote the professional development of practicing teachers. In addition, she is a regional counselor with a learner-centered approach to teaching and she strongly believes that teachers can be empowered to enable their pupils be responsible for their own learning, in an environment which encourages cultures of thinking with the guidance and support of the teacher. Rabi has also worked as an English language lecturer and pedagogical adviser in different institutions and Colleges. She has also been an active participant in leadership and educational seminars around the world including the British Council. Rabi is towards advanced stages of finishing her PhD studies in  English Literature and Cultural Studies at Tel Aviv University. She is passionate about Continuing Professional Development for long term change to take place. 


"If we are empowered as  Communities of Professional Practice and  with a focus on student teachers and practicing teachers  then we will be  agents of educational change".  

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